Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can you describe

“Can you describe what you felt as you were smelling her?” 

“I really didn’t think so at the time but later when I thought about it I realized that I felt… almost high. Like I was intoxicated by her odor. The weirdest part of this is that I keep having these cravings now. I can’t stay away from her for more than a day or I have… withdrawals.”

The doctor adjusted himself in his chair, as if he had become uncomfortable, and asked his next question. “Can you explain what you mean by ‘withdrawals’?”

“Well, I haven’t gotten sick or anything, but I get really tense and I can’t think clearly. All I can think about is getting back between her legs and smelling her and licking her. Even when I’m with another woman, we could be having sex and I could be eating her pussy” he paused when he realized how crudely he just spoke and looked to see if he had offended the doctor. There was no discernible difference in his demeanor so Tom continued “Sorry, I could be performing oral sex and I’m still thinking about how quickly I can get out of there to go see Ka- the other girl. It’s bizarre.”

“What about your job, has that suffered at all?” The doctor inquired.

Another deep breath from Tom and then “Yeah, I think about her at work all the time. My boss has noticed that I haven’t been myself and was asking me what was going on. I told him that I have some personal issues that I’m dealing with. Doc, it’s affecting every aspect of my life lately. If I go more than one day without seeing her, without smelling her, I can’t sleep, I can’t function, and I’m afraid that it’s getting worse.”

“When was the last time you was with her?”

“I went to her place last night around eight o’clock and every night I feel the need to go over earlier. Just a few days ago I could hold out until ten P.M. And when I go to her place, even when I just pop in without calling, she’s expecting me, like she knows I’m going to show up.”

The good doctor sat for about twenty seconds thinking about what he had been told then gave his perspective “Well, to be honest Mr. Jensen, you can’t become addicted to a person's smell; however, the juices that an aroused female produces from her vagina can be quite an aphrodisiac to a heterosexual man, and may create the feelings that are similar in fashion to an addiction. It seems to me though that your reaction is much more intense than normal. It has affected all aspects of your life and that is not a good thing. Not to belittle you Mr. Jensen, but I believe that what you are experiencing is all in your head. Perhaps your feelings for this young lady are deeper than what you are willing to admit. Love works in strange ways you know.”

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